6/7 Sharkin with 2# test

We had great action where we fished yesterday around some great bottom structure inside the 20 fathom line.  The sharks were all around the 100# mark which is what we were looking for on the 2# test.  Lady angler Maureen Klause was looking for a Blue over 88 or a legal Mako.

Maureen, Anthony Tsapis (mate), and I ran the Trade In out ealry to get on the bite.  We setup in the 65.6 degree green water and setup the bunker chum.  Within 55 minutes we had a small 4′ mako come up but we pulled the bait away from it seeing that it wasn’t a legal fish.  Shortly after we had a pup mako swim around the boat for a few minutes and fade away.  Around 930 she was on with the right size mako.  After a wild fight on the wire and Anthony sticking the flyer in her, we finally subdued the 64″ 92# Mako which shatters the previous women’s 2# line class IGFA world record for mako which was previously 44 lbs set in New Zealand.  The record will be pending soon and as long as the line tests out, Maureen will add another world record to her lengthy list.

92# Mako ate a whole mackerel on Maureen’s 2# test setup

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