Windy Days

Well since September weather has decided to come in June with a solid NE blow for 5 days straight now, I have taken advantage of the early season lay days to finish catching up on tackle and rigging odds and ends.  I was going through my marlin teasers and saw I was missing my green squid chain because of a wahoo bite off, and I was also missing my tacky floss for rigging my circle hook ballyhoo, so a stop by Off the Hook Tackle in Cape May, NJ was needed.  Chuck and Mary always have what you need, and if not, they can get it.

I got my Joe Shute sea witched in the mail this week too since I was running low on some must have colors, and Melton also sent me the Mold Craft Wide Ranges I ordered along with the Mold Craft Soft birds I am going to try out making a teaser out of a chain of them.  Anxious to see how that works.  The idea is for it to mimic flying fish, and I have had whites come up on a single Soft Bird quite a few times instead of the trailing lure or bait meant for tuna, so we will see what happens.

Boss Lady was supposed to get splashed yesterday as it had lots of yard work done to it so it could be ready to go for a solid 2012 season.  The fish are here, and it’s time to go once this wind lets up which is looking like Monday at the moment.

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