6/19 steady pickin yft

I ran the Trade In again today and decided to run towards to Baltimore looking for yellowfin tuna. We pulled out of the slip at 230 am and made a steady 26 knots all the way out. I hit a 3.5 degree temp break (66 up to 69.5 degrees) in 38 fathoms so we stopped and had lines in there at 545 am.

After an hour of working the break with no signs of fish I pushed offshore. Once we got into 50 fathoms close the the canyon we started picking at yellowfin in the 40-60 pound range. It was a slow steady pick all morning on singles and we were 5-6 by 11 am and had a blue marlin in the spread that didn’t eat.

Action had slowed down for a while and we put out some of the 6# test rods for record fishing. Maureen got hooked up to a skipjack tuna which she brought to the boat and then we got a solid cover up of 40 pound yellowfin. Maureen was on with the 6# so we chased that fish for a short period of time before it broke off and we unfortunately only had one fish still connected since we couldn’t keep em tight while chasing the tuna on 6#.

We ended up bringing home 6 nice yellowfin and had all of our bites in 50-60 fathoms on the 280. Fun fishing. The action was steady everywhere today.

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