6/25 – Tuna Lockjaw

I mated on the Boss Lady today with Captain Bill May.  We headed out towards the 100 fathom line in between the Spencer and the Wilmington Canyon and were on the troll by 7:00 am.  There were literally hundreds of boats out there, and it made fishing tough.  The weather was absolutely perfect, but that’s about as good as our day got.  We never had a fish in our spread all day, and many others had the same problem while there were a lucky few that got into some Bigeyes and Blue Marlin.  There was a fantastic Bigeye bite throughout the day, especially in the Wilmington Canyon.  A lot of boats also saw tuna rolling on the surface  all over, but they just would not bite anything.  We even saw it once during the day, and not getting the fish to bite was extremely frustrating.  We tried all different kinds of tricks, but nothing worked out.

It’s looking like we are going to have a little bit of rough weather the next couple of days, but as long as the forecasts stays as predicted, we will be out again Thursday on the Boss Lady.

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