They are still here…

I ran out on the Boss Lady today on a charter with Captain Bill May.  We had a great group of guys on the boat ready to put some tuna on the deck.  We pointed the boat towards the Wilmington Canyon in calm seas, and had lines in by 7 am.  We started on the West Wall where we marked a lot of bait deeper in the water column, but no bites.  We slid over toward the East Wall and down towards the natural 100 where we finally got alittle action and put a 30# yellowfin in the box.  The water was 76 degrees throughout the Wilmington Canyon, and it was a pretty blue.  We started to mark tuna and also see them on the surface throughout the rest of the day sporadically and had a few coverups.  Sad to say we had some unfortunate mishaps which made us 5/11 on yft tuna and also caught 1 mahi.  Most of the tuna were in the 40-50 pound range.  After such a slow day on Sunday, I’m happy to see that they were feeding heavy again today.  There was lots of life out there from the yft on the surface, small whales, porpoise, and we even saw a free jumping white marlin.  Next trip is Saturday on the Boss Lady.

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