7/6 Battling Bluefin

We took off again this morning on the Boss Lady and ran back to where we were yesterday.  The ride was perfectly calm.  When we got there, we didn’t have the marks like we did yesterday, but we did mark a few tuna when we pulled in.  We setup the anchor, and started chunking.  It didn’t take long to get our first bluefin hooked up, and after a solid fight, we boated the 90# bluefin.  We hooked into another and it ended up being a carbon copy which we released.  After a long lull, we started to see the sand eels on the bottom and the tuna were marking heavy on the depth sounder.  After dropping to 50# leader, we started to get bites and went 2/4 on a few more bluefin and also got a 5′ Tiger Shark.  We wound up 4/6 on bft with our biggest being estimated at 125 pounds which we released.  We managed to get our one over and one under fish which was great for the charter.  The water temperature where we were was 78.5 and we had bites all over the water column and on all different baits.  The only thing that seemed to make a difference was the leader size today.  Other boats in the area had some success with jigs, and the bite was pretty consistent for everyone. Another fun day on the Boss Lady.

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