Viking/Ocean Showdown

I Captained the 56′ Viking Nightwind for the Viking/Ocean Showdown fishing tournament.  Without any satellite image or reports due to rough weather in the middle of the week, I decided to run to the Baltimore where there had been some marlin and tuna action.  We worked the West Wall all day and managed to catch a few dolphin and raised 3 white marlin.  Only one of the marlin ate but we didn’t get it.  Towards the end of the day we were out in about 500 fathoms and found a 2 degree temperature break and a color change.  It went from 75-77 degreed and went from blue-green to cobalt blue water.  Unfortunately this water was lifeless and I had no bait marks throughout the entire day.

Day Two (Saturday) the owner and crew wanted to try and catch some tuna, so we tried to pound it out in the lumps around the Hot Dog, but were unsuccessful.  We found a pod of dolphins on a little bit of bait, but they seemed to be traveling more so than feeding.  We picked up and ran out to the Baltimore to see if we could salvage the day, but struck out.  The Baltimore Canyon was full of pilot whales all over as well as Hammerhead Sharks.  We saw about a half dozen 8-9 foot hammerheads and literally over a thousand pilot whales just lazily laying around the surface.  It was pretty wild.

All in all, a tough two days of fishing, and it seemed to be tough for everyone.  There were a few good catch reports, but the majority of boats struck out.

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