7/28 Never Give Up

I fished on Boss Lady and we made our way out to the lumps around the 30 line to setup on the chuk.  We got setup and immediately were hooked up into a tuna.  While we were on that one we had two more bites, but neither stayed hooked up and we lost the fish we had on.  Rough start, but that is the chance you take using light leader to get the bites.  We had a stiff wind against the tide making things a little snotty, and with the slow action we decided to pick up and make a radical move.  Unfortunately we had a mishap and wound up getting some rope wrapped up in the prop and the shaft.  After an hour or so of taking breaths and going under the boat, I was able to free it up enought to get teh majority out, and the boat did the rest of the work.  Captain Bill May moved us to a different area and we had no bait marks.  Things were looking grim, but we pounded it out, and it paid off at teh end of the day.  We ended up putting 2 nice yellowfin and 2 mahi in the boat.  We had a few more tuna hooked up, and all bites happened in about 30 minutes and all came from a live spot suspended from a kite.  Watching the tuna come up after the spot splashing on top of the water was wild.  It was great to pull it out at the end of a long day.

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