7/29 Line Class Tuna Fishing

I captained/guided lady angler Maureen Klause today on her boat Trade In with Mate Anthony Tsapis.  We stayed close today and tried a different area looking for a yellowfin over 40 pounds on 6# test.  The water temperature was 78.2 degrees where we setup, and our first drift over the lump was unsuccessful.  I decided to look aroud for bait all around the lump before dropping the anchor.  After about 30 minutes of riding around I found a solid baitball and sand eels on the bottom in 140 feet, and we setup on the bait.  It didnt take long before we got our first bite on a butterfish chunk, but unfortunately it broke off on the initial run.  We had a long lull before our second bite on a spot, but it didn’t come tight.  Then we finally got teh fish we were looking for that ate a spot suspended from our outrigger. Game On!  Maureen fought the yellowfin for just under 2 hours, and we got to see teh fish twice, but in the end the tuna just wouldn’t come up and it broke off.   The long fight had taken the toll on the light tackle, and that ended our day.  I am headed out on the Boss Lady again tomorrow and hopefully we can get on em!

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