8/1 Even Worse Today

Today was a tough trip.  We ran back to the 19 Fathom Lump (where we have been fishing and picking at fish the past week) hoping to put together a decent catch of tuna.  Right now a good day is 3-5 tuna, and it is really the only game in town.  We had beautiful weather and we cruised the Boss Lady South out of Townsend’s Inlet to get setup at first light.  We started off on the drift and there was too little wind to get the kite up so we dangled a live bait off of the opposite outrigger and it only took 5 minutes to catch a dolphin on it.  After that it was quiet for a while and a few guys we knew were anchored on the top of the hill and getting a bite here and there, so we followed suit.

We marked bait all day long, but we couldn’t catch any on the sabiki rigs.  The wind kicked up a little mid day for us to get a kite up, and we got a tuna bite on it which broke off and then a wahoo cut us off as well.  Our other tuna bite that broke off came from a whole sardine down 60 feet, and that was it.  Just an unlucky day today.  A few guys were able to catch 2-3, but it was slow all around.  One boat we know was not able to get live spot, so he ended up taking out bull minnows and he caught every fish on a bull minnow attached to a long length of 30# fluorocarbon (same as we are using).  The tuna bite is tough right now, especially after a stellar season that had started with a May and June troll bite and turned into a phenomenal chunking bite inshore all of July.

We need another push of Gulf Stream water to come in and it looks like we might get it up north.  There has also been an amazing white marlin bite going on the past week in the DEEP which is far, but worth the hike.

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