8/8 Wahoo!!!

We took a shot running out on the Boss Lady today to the Wilmington Canyon. We put out a mixed spread looking to catch whatever we possibly could since the bite has been relatively slow. We were fishing in 80 degree blended water, but managed to find a few birds and a little bait in the North Heyes that we worked the entire day. We ended up raising 7 whites, hooked 3/4 of the bites, and got one to the boat. That was a little frustrating but we had good action. Towards the end of the day we had a small blue marlin come clear out of the water and crash the right short rigger, which was a hawaiian eye/ballyhoo combo, and miss. Immediately after that a wahoo bit off the right flat and the. Hammered the right short that I was reeling back into place after the blue hit it. We wound up getting a nice 60 pound wahoo on the deck of the Boss Lady that made the day. We ended our day pitching to dolphin on the pot balls, but they were few and far between and we were only able to pull 5 in. It turned out to be a fun day!

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