8/18 Ladies Billfish Tournament

I Captained the 56′ Viking Nightwind for the Ladies Billfish Tournament. We ran through some storms on our way to the Lindenkohl Canyon. Our morning started with more storms dictating where I could go, but we managed to raise two whites and catch a 56# yellowfin tuna. It was sloppy weather all day, but we pushed on. We found a huge pod of pilot whales in the middle of the canyon, but there weren’t any fish under them. We worked the canyon hard and hit some pot balls hoping to dig up a Mahi, but no luck. I decided to push inshore a bit and then we found some whites. We raised a triple and got one of them. We got the lines back in and then got covered up with skipjack tunas. At that point tournament time was up and we had to leave. We wound up winning the Tuna category in the tournament with Roxy’s 56 pound yellowfin tuna which was her first tuna. I will be mating on the 58′ custom Intensity Boat called Lizanne for the Mid-Atlantic $500,000 this week. Hoping for a little luck.

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