Mid Atlantic $500,000

I mated on the 58 foot custom boat “Lizanne” for the MA500. It was a last minute setup, but I was stoked to be in the tournament.
Day1: we ran to the blue water in the Wilmington Canyon and had a solid day of fishing. We went 3/5 on white marlin, 2/2 on sailfish, and 0/1 on blue marlin. The Blue was about 300 pounds and ate a MoldCraft SuperChugger off of the left short rigger. Unfortunately it didn’t stay connected. There was a phenomenal BigEye Tuna bite in the East Notch of the Canyon.
Day 2: we ran back hoping to find more action, but only had one white marlin come up on the teaser and pulled off a small blue marlin. We wound up pulling plugs for half the day tryin to find a big blue marlin.
Day 3: Captain Jon Ball ran the Lizanne towards the Baltimore Canyon, and we found a half degree temperature break in 35 fathoms with a lot of scattered weed in the water. We started off with our white marlin spread and just had so much grass it was too difficult to fish. We pushed out toward the canyon and switched over to pulling plugs again, but couldn’t get a bite all day.
It is always fun being a part of a tournament, and I had a lot of fun getting to know the crew on the Lizanne. Everyone one the boat was active and knew what to do which made it fun when we were on the fish.

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