Overnighter 9/21-22

I mated again on the Boss Lady out of Avalon, NJ for an overnight trip.  We left on Friday at 1 pm and made our way out in a 4-5 foot tight head sea towards the Lindenkohl Canyon.  At 20 knots the 50′ East Bay ate up the seas well.  We had about 2-3 hours before nightfall and trolled around the NE Corner of the Canyon.  We managed to pick up 3 dolphin before we settled into our night chunking routine.  As the night went on the seas calmed down a bit and made for a comfortable night.  The water temps were holding steady around 73-74 degree, and it was green.  Around 9:30 pm we had a 4 foot hammerhead come up and chase after a spot I had dangling from the outrigger.  After a few missed attempts, the shark got ahold of it and was on for a minute before it chewed through the 60 pound fluorocarbon leader.  That was it for the night as it was dead all night.  We got on the troll at sunup and pushed into 50 fathoms inside the tip of the Lindy where a few boats were getting some tuna bites and we finally got hooked into one on a rainbow squid spreader bar.  After a 20 minute battle, we sunk the gaff into a 60# tuna.  We gave it another hour and then headed back to the dock as the SW winds kicked up and made for another bumpy ride home.

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