9/29-30 Overnighter

I went out on the Boss Lady for an Overnighter to the Lindenkohl Canyon.  The charter was a group of regulars for us, so we were pretty stoked about the trip and wanted to get them into an all out overnight bite.  We pushed off at 10 am and cruised out to the canyon at a steady 25 knots.  We got on the troll for a while and heard some reports of wahoo being caught, so with that we dropped a planer down with a blue/white Hawaiian Eye and it didn’t take long before it was hammered by a nice wahoo that we estimated to be close to 70 pounds!!!  It was Andy’s first, and definitely a catch of a lifetime! We continued to troll but there wasn’t much to get excited about with the baitless, blue green 72 degree water.

We setup in about 300 fathoms and our drift was East all night.  The weather was pretty decent aside from some rain throughout the night.  We managed to catch a few live squid for bait and at about 2 am we hooked into a nice 70 pound yellowfin which Todd brought into range of our gaff after a solid battle.  It went quiet after that and we had one more on for about 10 minutes and it pulled off.  We unfortunately didn’t get on the tunas, but a few boats found them thick in about 1000 fathoms.  Unfortunately the bite was right before sunrise and it was quick.  As the sun came up, so did the West wind so we ran inshore and tried for a wahoo for about another hour, but no takers other than a small bluefish.

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