10/5 Not the Way We Wanted

Due to some information of fish being closer to home, I changed my decision to make a 75 mile run and keep things closer for the day, along with the fact that some of the crew couldn’t leave until later and the questionable weather.  We ran the Trade In to the Cigar looking for a weed line and a temperature break that was there the day before, but nothing ever developed.  We were in 71 degree green water.  After looking around for an hour or so, I had zero confidence in the area and we pushed 18 miles South to the 30 line and worked our way South which gave us a down sea troll in the 3-5 foot chop.  We managed to get 4 dolphin by pitching spinning tackle to some floating debris, and then picked up another off of the planar, but overall it was a slow day.  We did get a wahoo bite, but the ‘hoo hit out in front of the bait, mangled up the wire, and missed the hook.  At the end of the day we finally found clean water and 73 degree water temp around the Tea Cup, but we had to leave.  We could only make 16 knots in the head sea for the first hour but then it laid out for us to do 34 knots the rest of the way home.  Overall, the day turned out to be a major bust – I should have stuck to my original plan.

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