10/6 Hot Doggie

I went out on a friend’s boat today called Reelality in search of some wahoo.  His son, Stephen, and friend, Mike, had never caught a Wahoo, nor had he put wahoo on the deck of that boat yet.  The 15-20 knot SW wind they called for late in the afternoon was already blowing, and the seas were a choppy 3-6.  With that we stayed fairly close to home, but ran to where Wahoo have been holding in good numbers the past 6 weeks – the infamous Hot Dog.  We got there around 9:00 am and were fishing in 73.5 degree blue-green water with scattered weed.  We pulled a spread focused on catching wahoo with mostly skirted ballyhoo on wire and two planers down about 15-25 feet.

Our first bite was a small dolphin which we bailed in the boat.  Shortly after we had a wahoo crash our way back blue/white Joe Shute and take a hard run.  Stephen was on for his first ‘hoo and brought it to the gaff after a 20 minute battle.  We got back on the troll and had a little lull in the action before we got hammered again by another wahoo on the same bait.  Mike fought it for about 15 minutes before we sunk the meat hook into its head.  Keith kept working the Hot Dog since the direction we wanted to go would have been a head sea all day.  We had two mystery bites that just never came tight.  I saw the splash on one of the two and it looked like a wahoo bite, but I can’t confirm it.  The way the bait came back on the other made me believe it was a small dolphin.  At about 2:00 pm we picked up and ran in.  Successful day since the goal was to get two people their first wahoo.  I can’t wait to slice some up for sushi!

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