October Makos

This post is wayyy late, I know, but had to throw it in.  I captained Maureen Klause’s boat Trade In for back to back trips line class fishing for Mako Shark.  We have been pretty successful doing this in the past when water temps were 65-68 degrees in October, usually around a Full or New Moon.  We had water temps around 63 degrees and green water both days.  Day 1 we fished around a wreck called the Cayru on the 20 line and struck out.   We worked a couple of different lumps in the area on three different drifts without any action.

Day 2 We fished further south on the 20 line in the general area of the 28 Mile Wreck.  The first drift we had a small shark that we could not get close enough to identify that just checked things out.  Our second drift we had a better sized Mako in our slick that just never cooperated then shortly after we had a small mako take the bait we wanted it to, but spit the hook after 5 minutes.  That fish would not have been legal anyway, so we weren’t heartbroken, but it was nice to get a little action.

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