Wreckin’ Tog (12/3)

I ran out today on Trade In in search of some tog (aka blackfish).  Maureen has not been able to get out in awhile, and our Fall was completely ruined by the crazy weather and other complications so it was nice to get out again.  We had a 3-4 foot South swell that made for a little bit of a bumpy ride out of GE Inlet, but we had beautiful sunny and 60 degree weather all day which made for a relaxing day of tog fishing.  We started off setting up on some structure on the Ocean City Reef.  We had 49 degree water, and it was fairly clean.  We moved all over the structure but couldn’t get on the fish real heavy.  We put in a good amount of time here before we decided to try a new area.  We made a quick run to a wreck and reset.  The water was a little cleaner.  GAME ON!  We had non stop action here catching one fish after another.  We had a high throwback to keeper ratio, but we did manage to catch our limit on tog and went on to release some.  Our best fish today were in the 5 pound range.  Always nice to go home with some meat.

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