Double Up (12/8/12)

After yesterday’s phenomenal fishing, we had to give it another go today considering the winds were supposed to be calm. We ran out on the 27′ Contender Trade In with a 4 person crew of me, Maureen, Vinny, and Peter. We had some fog which brought visibility down to 1-3 miles all day which wasn’t bad. The run out was a little nasty because of a tight 3-4 foot swell right in our face, but we just pulled the throttles back and made our way out. We ran back to the same general area as yesterday, and the first thing I noticed was that the water temperature dropped 2 degree from yesterday to 49 degrees, but it didn’t really phase my confidence in the bite. We started on a different piece of structure about 1 mile away from where we fished yesterday and made a couple drifts that produced sea bass, but the bite wasn’t what we wanted. We picked up and headed to the wreck we were on yesterday, and GAME ON again! The sea bass where inhaling squid and green crab without hesitation. We had a current that was north to south today and the majority of our sea bass were taken on the southern part around the wreckage. Once we got too far from the wreck, we would get covered up by spiny dogfish and then we knew it was time to reset our drift.

We had lots of double headers! Super fun fishing. Once we had our fun with the sea bass, we put out our double anchor setup to try and get some tog, but they would not bite here today. I managed to put one in the box and we caught a few shorts, but it was slow. Luckily the sea bass kept bitting a little while we were anchored and it kept us busy. We made a quick run inshore to try a wreck we believed would be holding better numbers of tog. Again we setup the double anchor setup so we could sit right where we wanted. It took a little bit of time to get the fish going but once we did, it was a steady pick of tog at about a 3:1 throwback to keeper ratio. We put 8 more keeper tog in the box but ran out of time as the fog was thickening and darkness was setting in, and I absolutely can’t stand running in the dark with a thick fog. We were all happy as could be with the day and picked up to run home.

I have to say, I can’t stress enough how important it is for a boat operator to know their boat and electronics well, especially their radar! If you have one, and are not familiar with it, use it during the day so you know how certain “marks” pick up on your radar. That way, when you really need your radar, you will know exactly what you are looking at. I have heard of way too many close calls the past few years due to operators not taking it slower in a fog and not knowing their electronics. Had we not had radar today, we would have surely either run into or been run over by a tug boat with a barge today, and I can’t tell you how many times my radar has saved me in situations like today where the fog rolls in so thick that you can barely see the bow of your boat. Being on the water is supposed to be a fun experience every time, so keep it that way by being safe and using common sense, it goes a long way.

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  1. ron wright

    Hey Ricky-

    Happy New Year!
    Please post what are your 2013 plans…in April are you planning on running a boat or mating down south?


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