Virginia Beach Day 2 (1/9)

Today we made a change of plans and decided to go try for sea bass.  We got a little bit of information to start with and went from there.  The weather was perfect at calm, sunny, and 60 degrees to make a 30 plus mile run, so we took advantage and ran out to the Triangle Reef.  I grabbed some wreck coordinates off of the internet and decided we could make it happen out there.  The water temperature was 47 degrees, and the water was very clean.  We tried a few wrecks with no real success.  Just a few small ones here and there on diamond jigs.  We moved around a bit and finally found a better concentration of sea bass that we kept picking through.  The throwback to keeper ratio was horrible at about 8:1.  They started to eat squid on the top and bottom rigs and at about 1:00 pm we found a major concentration of sea bass and it was nonstop drop an reel fishing.  Double headers on every drop, and the throwback to keeper ratio improved to 4:1 so we were able to put our limit into the box.

Once we had our limit, we packed up and headed back inside around the Tower where I marked bait on the way out.  We got there in no time since we could run 35 knots without a problem, and we put out the Mojo Jigs and heavier tackle for bluefin tuna.  We had great bait marks, and I was positive I marked at least one tuna, but we couldn’t get a bite.  Trolling at 4.5 knots, we still had some stripers inhale the Mojo Jigs with the 9″ shad bodies and we wound up catching 4 nice stripers up to 28 lbs in the last hour and a half.  We also saw humpback whales fully breaching out of the water while we were inside which was an awesome sight to see!  We marked a ton of bait and a lot of striped bass on the sounder while we were there, but no bluefin tuna bites.  Another fun day on the Trade In.



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