Virginia Beach Day 3 (1/11)

Unfortunately we were blown out yesterday due to a small craft advisory warning, but we were back at it today.  We focused on targeting a bluefin tuna today since there have been a few hooked up each day here in VA Beach.  The tuna have been weighing in around 200 lbs, so we wanted to see if we could be one of the lucky few to get the bite.  We left the dock at 7:20 am with  light East wind and partly cloudy skies.  There was a fleet of boats around Cape Henry so we decided to stop and try for a striper for an hour.  There was plenty of bait, but no bites.  We picked up and ran out towards the Light Tower right around where we stopped on Wednesday and caught our fish.  The birds, bait and stripers were there again and we caught 7 stripers pretty fast trolling Mojos at 4.5 knots.  The stripers were aggressive, and were eating mostly chartreuse until the sun went behing the clouds, then the majority of our bites came on white.

We kept pounding it out hoping for a bluefin tuna bite.  A boat near us ended up hooking up into a bluefin, but broke it off after and hour and a half.  We keep getting bit by stripers, and the sounder was lit up with bunker and striped bass all day as the birds kept telling us where the stripers were all day.  We ended up catching and releasing 27 stripers, 2 of which weighed in at over 42 lbs on the Boga Grip.  We had a blast, but unfortunately we didn’t get our tuna bite.  We did hear that some boats found stripers inside of 3 miles for the first time in weeks.

We will be putting the Trade In back on the trailer and dropping her off in NC tomorrow, then back to NJ tomorrow night.  Overall, we had a great trip, and we were stoked we came down to VA Beach to do some fishing.

Maureen's 42.5 pounder