Costa Rica Dreaming

This past week I was lucky enough to get invited to be an angler on a trip to Costa Rica.  The first day we did a 4 hour ATV tour which was AWESOME!  I got to do some cliff jumping at a waterfall in a remote location which was pretty wild.  Now for the important stuff, we fished on the ‘Dream Maker’ which was a 2004 35′ Cabo that is part of Costa Rica Dreams charter operation out of Los Suenos.  The mates had a box full of flossed up medium sized ballyhoo ready for circle hooks.  They pulled 5 naked ballyhoo and 4 different teasers for their spread.  Costa Rica is loaded with Pacific Sailfish which run larger than Atlantic Sails.  My first one of the trip went an estimated 125 lbs, and it put on an awesome aerial display.  Day 1 was slow by Costa Rica’s standards, but we still caught some sailfish, and Day 2 we had plenty of action raising over 15 sails.  We saw at least 20 tailing sails throughout the day on the surface as well on Day 2, sometimes 4-5 at a time.  It was pretty amazing.  We had the majority of our bites on a Zuker 5.5 in the ‘bleeding mackerel’ skirt color pulled behind a squid chain.  That lure was hot!  The whole trip went by so fast, and it was so fun, that the whole trip felt like a dream.  Fishing Costa Rica is an amazing experience that I highly recommend.  It’s simple, the crews there are great, and the ocean is always calm there.  I will be putting together a quick video edit of the trip which I hope to post up before I leave for the Bahamas early next week.

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