The Word is Out (5-22)

Well we got back on the Black Drum fishing again and ran right back to where we were Monday night.  Today there was a solid fleet of 20+ boats there which was going to make chasing a fish on light tackle tricky.  We got setup in 26 feet of water with the incoming tide just starting and 59 degree water temperature.  It didn’t take long for the action to start.  We caught two black drum in the 20 pound range and released them quickly.  With the FULL MOON coming up this Friday night, the current was ripping.  Mo got hooked into another drum and we dropped the ball to chase the fish.  This drum went right for the anchor of someone else’s boat and the fish gave us no choice but to break it off and get back to fishing while the bite was on.

Shortly after getting back to the anchor ball and tying off, Mo got hooked into another, and this one meant business.  We weaved through the fleet and made it outside of the boats after about 30 minutes and the fight was on.  We chased this drum for quite a while, and the fish never once left the bottom.  Two and a half hours and 1.6 miles away later, the line finally broke on the 4# test.  Major bummer, but all a part of the line class record fishing game.  It was just about dark so we ran back, picked up our gear, and headed back to the dock at Cape May Marine.

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