Sharkin’ on “Justified” 6/1

I ran the 48′ Ocean Yacht “Justified” today for a shark trip.  Tyler (my mate for the day) and I had a group of 5 guys out on a birthday trip for Ryan Smith.  We ran out in a 3-5 foot chop with winds at 10-20 knots out of the South.  We setup around the Misty Blue area on the 20 line and got our drift started.  The water temperature was right around 60 degrees.  After we were on our first drift for an hour and a half we picked up our first shark.  After about 15 minutes Ryan brought a 150 pound blue shark to the boat for a release.  We got reset and right away we had two blue sharks swimming around the boat that just would not eat anything we put in front of its face.

We decided to make a move and shortly into the move our starboard impeller burnt up and cut the move very short.  Tyler put the baits back out while I spent some time in the engine room replacing the impeller and checking everything.  It’s not a real big deal, except it isn’t fun when the engine room is hot and you are now in 4-7 foot chop with the wind picking up and blowing a solid 20, hahaha.  Just one of those things that happens from time to time.  We got everything back underway but didn’t have enough time to make a move.  We finished out drift with no luck then headed for home.

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