6/9 line class sharkin quick report

Running in right now but I wanted to post a quick report. I ran the Trade In today for a shark trip line class fishing with 2# test. We started our day in the vicinity of the 28 mile wreck with clean water with water temps just over 62 degrees. Our drift was slow to the N and after 2 hours of drifting all we had was one dusky in the slick.

We made two more moves though out the day up the 20 fathom line and it wasn’t until the end of the day when we had a little breeze come up and get us on a decent drift. We had an estimated 125 pound Thresher playing with out baits but it never took the 2# test setup with a hook in it. That would have been pretty awesome! We had one little brown shark shortly after then packed it up around 430 and headed home.

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