6/12 Shut Out Again

Alright, this is ridiculous.  I have never witnessed such terrible shark fishing this time of year.  We had a stiff 12-15 knot breeze this morning on the ride out out of the SW with a South 4 foot swell at about 7 seconds.  It calmed down as the day progressed and we had a beautiful ride home (that’s about the best part of the day which is sad)  We fished today at the Holly&Murphy Wreck out beyond the 30 fathom line, the Lobster Claw, and around the 750 Square Area with nothing but one little Tiger Shark.  It seems like we have one big pool of green 64 degree water out there.  The tunas have arrived, so next plan is to get out there into the action with maybe a quick sea bass/thresher trip this weekend on the Trade In to see what lurks around on the inshore wrecks and put a bend in the rod.  I am anxious to see what the shark tournaments this weekend present as far as catches.

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