Epic Tuna Fishing 6/21

You know those days where everything goes perfect and you can do no wrong? Today was one of those days. You only get a few of those a year, so I truly took it all in on this one. I fished on the 39′ Sea Vee, Good Karma today. We ran out towards the Wilmington Canyon hoping to stay away from the crowd and it payed off.

We pulled into 80 fathoms and saw a ton of chick birds and a color change from dirty green to clean green with scattered weed. I was marking a lot of bait on the sounder at 60-120 feet when we pulled in. We were putting out the spread and WHAM covered up! Mix of small yellowfin and small bluefin tuna. We reset and this time we had 3 solid fish on and one throwback yellowfin. 2/3 bigger tuna pulled off on their run and after a solid fight we put a 100# BigEye Tuna on the deck.

The action remained solid all day with the tunas eating anything we put out. We had our 5 man limit by 11 am and wound up catching close to 30 yft (26-34 inches), 8 football bluefin tuna (1 keeper), and the bigeye. As we were cleaning up I saw a solid school of tunas under the boat and pitched a jig over the side down to where they were and immediately hooked up.

What an epic day of action packed fishing! Can’t wait to do it again.


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