Pups 6/24

I ran out on the Trade In today searching for a mako or a blue shark that would be big enough for an IGFA line class record.  We have had a bumpy shark season this year and were really hoping to have some action today.  We ran out in a moderate chop with winds at 10-15 out of the SW and headed for the 20 line.  Once I got to the general area I wanted to be I marked some bait so we threw the chum in and started our drift.  We had a solid 1-1.5 knot drift to the NE in green 66 degree water.

We started getting some action after an hour and a half.  The first fish was a small Mako (about 60 pounds) which snuck by our long teaser and ate Maureens pitch bait on 2# test which we had laying in the water boat side.  He took a run but it was short lived as he only had the back half of the bait.  The next hour was nonstop action playing with two more small Makos, 2 small blue sharks, a dusky, a brown, and even a small tiger.  I was able to get some underwater video which I am stoked to see.  If it turns out as good as I think, I will post a quick edit on my youtube channel at http://youtube.com.captainrickywheeler, so be sure to check it out.

The action tapered off so I made a move back up and at this point it was a very choppy 4-6 feet with a stiff 15-20 knot SW wind so we pounded our way up to make another drift.  After an hour and 40 minutes we had another pup mako come up for the teaser and come in to the boat, but it was too small to bother with.  Plenty of action on pup sharks made for a fun day.

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