Viking Ocean Showdown

I captained the 54′ Ocean Yacht, Fin Addict, for the Viking Ocean Showdown that went on the past two days. We were allowed to leave the inlet at 4:30 and fishing time for the tournament was 8:30am-3:00pm.

DAY 1 started off with a thick fog due to the upwelling we have had from the nonstop SW wind. The water temps on the beach are in the upper 50s and made for a nasty fog in the harbor up to 30 miles out. Fog is never fun to run in, but luckily everything went smooth. With the minimal reports of billfish, and the fact that the only decent water was way South, I pointed the bow for the deep between the South Poormans and the Washington Canyons. We were only able to make about 22 knots due to sea conditions so we started short of where I wanted to be. We started off in 75 degree BlueGreen water and picked up a dolphin right away. We made our way South and unfortunately up sea until we got into the general area I wanted to be in. All of the sudden we had a quad of sailfish come up. Both flat lines got whacked, Spencer was feeding one on the left long, then I had one on my right teaser that switched off to my bridge rod, and then another came up on my right teaser and never ate. We had two on but only got the release on one which Coni brought to the boat. At this point I found 77.5 degree blended blue water. We pounded the area since there was nothing else going on anywhere else as far as billfish and had a teaser bite from a white marlin that never panned out.

DAY 2 had the same start with the ridiculously thick fog, but we putted our way out the inlet and head for 600 fathoms in the Washington again. Today I ran about 25 minutes into fishing time until I got to the break which put me in 78.3 degree blended blue water. The day started off with a white marlin bite early. This white was all over the spread before it finally came tight on the left long naked ballyhoo. Coni brought that one to the boat and we were stoked considering fishing was tough and we needed every bite to connect for this tournament. We spent the ret of the day pounding it out in this area since we had some bait, but only managed to see one more white marlin that never ate.

After two tough days of fishing, we managed to pull out 1st Place in the Viking Ocean Showdown. We won most points white marlin, most points overall, and Coni won top lady angler.



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