Deja Vu???

So I can’t tell if I fished two days (Sunday and Monday) or if I had an extreme case of deja vu….  I captained the 54′ Ocean Yacht ‘Fin Addict’ on Sunday and with the lack of reports and absolutely no satellite shots the past few days, we kept it simple and headed for the Wilmington Canyon.  The Pilot whales were all over the center of the canyon, but I wasn’t getting any marks on the sounder and nobody had much action.  I worked the whole east wall, pushed out to 500 fathoms and worked back into the west wall with nothing to show for it. We decided to take a break and deep drop for some tilefish and we wound up catching 8 decent golden tilefish then got back on the troll.  I was pushing back inside where we found a small school of dolphin and put 5 of those in the box, then we picked up and headed for home.  On the way in, right on the Indian Arrow Wreck on the 30 fathom line we saw hundreds of chick birds picking, hundreds of dolphins everywhere and about 20-30 finback whales.  We had to stop and see what we could find.  We only had 20 minutes and I marked wads of bait and sand eels but no fish.

Monday I mated on the ‘Boss Lady’ and we basically did everything I did Sunday but in reverse order.  We checked out the Indian Arrow first thing and worked it for about 2 hours and we had nothing.  We found a ball on the way out and picked 4 mahi off of it, then worked the canyon all day without a single bite.  We ended the day deep dropping for tilefish and caught a few of those, and that was about it…

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