8/21 Saved the day

I mated on the Boss Lady on Wednesday and we started off running towards the Lindy.  We were greeted with very ugly green water that was 73.5 degrees.  We paddled out to the 500 line and up to the Carteret.  The water was a little nicer in 500 fathoms but not great.  From the 100 line of the Carteret we walked back down to the Lindy.  We managed to pick up a pair of dolphin.  The day was coming to a close so we decided to run inside to Lemke’s Canyon where there have been rumors of a tuna bite.  We had an hour to work it and had lots of slicks, chick birds, and were marking some sand eels on the bottom.  All of the sudden the left long rigger pops out of the clip.  It was a black/purple sea witch with a wire tracer and it was screaming so I was thinking wahoo, but the fish dug in deep during the fight so we knew it was a tuna, and we saved the day by getting lucky inside and boated a nice 60# yellowfin tuna.

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