8/22 Searched high and low

I ran the Trade In today and we were on a search and destroy mission. With the extremely tough fishing the past two weeks, we knew we were going to have to work hard to find our fish. We planned on starting out int he deep, but choppy seas made us stop well short of our desired destination and were were trolling in the dark at Lemkes starting at 4:45. Once we had grey light we could see the slicks and birds were there, and we ended up getting a double header on decent sized gaffer dolphin. We pounded the area hard until 11 am without a bite, and two other boats in the area weren’t getting bit either. The seas calmed down a bit, so we decided to sprint to the deep.

We made it out to the deep of the Spencer Canyon by 12:30 and it didn’t take long to get our first white marlin. Mo brought that one to the boat beautifully and we got the hook out and released the white. We ended up having a blue marlin try and eat our dredge and then fade and picked up another white while we were there. At 4:30 we packed it in so we could make it home by dark. The water temperature went up as we hit 500 fathoms and the pretty blue water was at 900 fathoms with water temp at 77.5. We had a lot of scattered weed, a small weed line, flying fish everywhere, and were marking bait here and there. I was surprised we didn’t get more bites, but we just didn’t have much time to work the area. All in all, fun day, but a long one for sure.




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