8/23-24 Overnighter

We had an overnight trip on the Boss Lady and had a great group of guys with us for the trip.  Everyone was stoked to get out there and have some fun in the deep.  It was fairly windy and choppy, but fishable.  We got out to the East Notch of the WIlmington Canyon in 75 degree green water with plenty of pilot whales around.  We were hooked into a bigeye at 5:30.  It ate a green machine spreader bar on the short shotgun.  After taking a few turns on the rod, Scott was on the fish to finish it off.  Everyone put good pressure on the fish and we saw color once, then it dove again.  Two and a half hours into the fight, the fish was playing its game of give and take and the main line parted.  Major disappointment!

With that, the sun had already set so we setup on the chunk.  We were targeting tuna, swords, and makos, really anything that wanted to eat.  We wound up making a move once to start another drift up through the tip of the canyon, but we had no marks, no bait, and it was a long night with no action.  We got up on the troll around 5:45 am and trolled until with no action except from a small dolphin.  The winds were hard out of the NE and it was time to pack it up and run back to Townsend’s Inlet.

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