Challenge Cup Weekend on Saltitude

I captained the 52′ Ocean Yacht ‘Saltitude’ for the Challenge Cup.  We had fished our way down Wednesday and spent Thursday prepping tackle.  The ended up canceling Friday and made it a Sat-Sun tournament, but we went on Friday anyway since we were all set to go.  We went to the West Wall of the Baltimore and worked our way down towards the SW Corner and finally found the water we were looking for at the end of the day.  We missed one early, then saw 3 more at the end of the day.  We ended up going 1/2 and raised 4 whites.  The wind came up hard out of the NW and the first half of our ride home was pretty rough, but is flattened out once we got inside.

Saturday we ran to the NE corner of the Washington Canyon.  The NW wind was blowing a stiff 15-20 all morning and made fishing a little tough.  We were 0/2 in the morning. We kept pounding it out and from 2:00-3:30 we raised 7 whites and a blue marlin.  Only 2 of the whites tried to eat and we ended up 0/4 raising 9 whites and a blue. It was a frustrating day as we had a lot of weird things go wrong throughout the day.  It was like we just were not meant to catch a fish Saturday.

Sunday we ran into the Southern Rockpiles below the South Poormans Canyon in 50 fathoms.  There was a large presence of little bonita there throughout the day.  We ended up going 1/5 and raised 8 white marlin all in an hour late in the morning.  The rest of the day was a struggle to find another bite and we did not succeed.  All in all, it was a great weekend, we got plenty of shots, and everyone on the boat is learning what to do in certain scenarios.  Soon we will be on point and racking up the numbers on Saltitude.

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