6/21 Ocean City rough one

We decided to take the Trade In to Ocean City, MD so we could be in range for the yellowfin tuna bite that has been red hot.  I moved the boat Friday, and Maureen wanted to look for white marlin on Saturday, then we were planning to go for tunas for the remainder of our days in OCMD.  Anyway, we decided to try the filament of blue water that had pushed in and was now just below the Baltimore Canyon.  We got there after getting beat up by a stiff head sea the last 15 miles and started trolling.  We found the break in 70 fathoms and bounced around on the bank with no bites.  We pushed back in and followed the 2 degree break (72-74 degrees) and color change (blue to blue-green) and had lots of birds wheeling around but no bites.  With the choppy seas we put the Trade In down sea towards home and once we had a pair of whites pop up and eat, but neither connected unfortunately.  That was all we had to our day.

6/22 – We woke up this morning and debated over whether to sit out the weather in Ocean City, MD and hope we would get a break, or run the boat back home instead of wasting time and money.  We chose to do the latter, so our plans for line class fishing for the yellowfins will just have to wait until something materializes closer to home.

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