Workin the 30 line 9/25

I fished the 30 line yesterday on the Trade In from the Elephant Trunk to the Hot Dog.  In the morning there wasn’t much to the Elephant Trunk area – no bait and water was green at 70.8 degrees.  Later in the day there were a few yft caught on the 30 line just south of the west wall of the trunk from what I heard later in the day, but nothing special.
I picked up and ran to the Tea Cup where a few guys were catching false albacore and I trolled south over the Arlene Wreck all the way down to the Hot Dog.  About a mile before the Hot Dog notch I hit a color change and the water was up to 72.1 with blended blue water (it looked pretty nice for inshore).  It was like this all the way to the actual hot dog.  Best area for me was the Hot Dog Notch where I marked a lot of sand eels on the sounder, and we had all the false albacore we wanted but couldn’t get a bite from a wahoo or a yet.  Another tough one.

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