Tunas Tunas Tunas

October 1-2
I captained the 52′ Ocean Yacht, Saltitude, with Jody, Jason, and Charlie, along with Spencer as my mate for an overnighter down to where the yellowfin tuna have been living all season. We had a minor issue on our first attempt out the inlet, but J&T was quick to solve the problem so we were out of there by 1130 am. We made it by a little after 3 and started chunking right away and got into a few 20-30 pound tunas. The fish we thick under the pilot whales. After we had a few in the box we hooked into a white marlin on the chunk that Jason fought for a while before we got the release on his first white marlin!

Once we released the white we got back to chunking and then it was nonstop mayhem until the sun disappeared. Bonita and yellowfins we eating out baits every drop on the free floating lines. Bonita chunks turned out to be our best bait, but everything was eaten as long as it was on light line. We wound up with a 14 yellowfins in the box.

Once the sun set the wind came up and made for a long choppy night. We targeted swords and makos, but overnight action was slow and we released two small makos and a hammerhead. We also had one sword bite that just didn’t come tight. As the sun came up we cleaned up and got on the troll looking for white marlin. We wound up picking up 7 dolphin on the troll before we called it an AWESOME trip and headed home.

October 3rd
Today I ran the ‘Fin Addict’ with Spencer as my mate again. We went right back to where the action was. It was flat calm all the way there and we started fishing around 730 am. We hoped we could pick at some fish throughout the day, but it just never developed for us.’we hopped from pot to pot looking for dolphin to break up the monotony mid day, but they were already picked over by the outboard boats.

Finally around 2 pm we got our first bite and got a yellowfin in the boat. Then we had tunas eating our chunks right under the boat and it was déjà vu of last trip. We managed to put 4 fish in the boat in that melee, but it ended. We reset our drift but couldn’t manage to repeat the action. We spent the rest of the evening picking at yellowfin here and there and we wound up putting 8 yellowfin tuna in the boat that ranged from 20-40 pounds. The scenario was the same as far as the use of light leader, and the fish were not picky about what they ate. Another fun day whacking some tunas!!!

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