Struck Out 11/5 & 6

Even though we still have yet to see our first wave of stripers enter the DE Bay, I was expecting the fish to start filling in this week after our Nov 3rd New Moon.  With decent weather forecasted for Tuesday and Wednesday, I made plans to fish with my Dad and Pop Pop.  I had a 34 Mirage ready to go striper fishing thanks to Jody – thanks Jody!  Anyway, we spent the day on Tuesday chunking the lower DE Bay in the deeper water about 4-5 miles out of the canal below the 60 Foot Slough where I knew a few fish have been picked up everyday, but bites were few and far between.  We fished around the high tide change and the entire outgoing tide without  bite.  The water temperature was 57 degrees throughout most of the day.  The spiny dogfish weren’t as bad as Saturday, but they made their presence known and we dealt with them hoping for that one big bite that never developed.

With the slow fishing in the Bay, we decided to give the Rips a try, mostly just for a change of pace as the reports I have been getting from the Rips have been the same as the Bay (few and far between, but if you get one, it’s gonna be a big striper).  Anyway, we fished hard for the last three hours of the incoming in Prissy Wicks, Eph Shoal, and Middle Shoal without a touch using bucktails and spot, nor did we hear of or see a fish caught there with us.  We had 58 degree water temperature, and unfortunately the SE wind came up early as it was blowing a solid 15-20 by high tide.  We had planned to go wreck fishing for the afternoon to get some action in, but it got choppy quick, so we called it a day by noon.  I know a few people who caught 1 NICE fish each on the chunk in the Bay, but for every 1 who caught a fish there were 4 others I knew who had no luck.  Hopefully the action will pick up here soon, or my luck will change for the better – I’ll take both!

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