11/21 Toggin Trouble

Ran out of GE Inlet today with tog on the brain.  The sea conditions were a 3-5 foot chop out the the East with a 10 knot easterly wind that held out all day.  This kept us from running much further then 10 miles off the beach, but we still had plenty of wreck options.  We started the day on the Ocean City Reef and picked up a few tog here, but nothing special.  Aside from a GPS problem which made anchoring on small wrecks difficult, the fish were mostly small.  We had 51.5 degree water temps at the OC Reef.  We decided to push off a bit and setup on another wreck in about 80′ of water with 53.5 degree and clean green water.  Here we had a few more sea bass that were small, some pesky spiny dogfish, and a few small tog, but action was slow overall.  We ran back inside looking around for new wrecks marked on the chart without much success, so we wound up where we started the day on the OC reef.  We managed to pick a few more keeper tog and one keeper sea bass out of here, but that was it.  Very slow day of fishing.  I guess you have to be disappointed once in awhile…  Headed out of GE Inlet again tomorrow looking for stripers and tog depending on what happens as the day progresses.

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