VA Beach Day 3 – Just Didn’t Happen

Well, we ran over a lot of water looking for striped bass on day three. We ran 40 miles up to Quinby’s where we had confirmed reports of a striper blitz (the only report of stripers caught all week) that happened yesterday. We kept our eyes open for birds all of the way up without any sign of life at all. When we got there, we saw the fleet, but no birds and no bass. The water here was 44.5 degrees and clean which was better then what we fished day one and two, but there was t any bait at all.
After trolling and looking around in the area for about 3 hours, we picked up and made our way offshore then down the coast looking for some kind of action to get a bend in the rod. No life anywhere. Extremely disappointing after having high expectations. We made our way all of the way to the Chesapeake Bay Light Tower then saw the rain coming in on the radar so packed it up and headed back to the docks. Very frustrating week to say the least. The fish just haven’t made it here yet I suppose.

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