3/18 and 3/19

We got out first group (Jeff, Sid, and Ronny) in at Cat Island on Monday night and got all settled in. We started off fishing Cat on Tuesday and got into a few dolphin and small tunas, but no wahoo. It was blowing 15-25 out of the south all day, but we still made our way to San Salvador.

Today (3/19) we had flat calm seas and it was cloudy throughout most of the day with a little rain. We fished the ridge with one wahoo bite that bit the trolling weight, but otherwise slow start. Joe pushed off to the hump where we had 4 wahoos on. Lost one on the initial run, and put 2/3 into the boat in the 40-60 pound range and were Sid and Ronny’s first wahoos. Congratulations guys! We dropped lines it right away and WHAM! Another wahoo on! Jeff brought in the 35-40 pound hoo nicely.

We started seeing a few more frigates and dolphin were picking at a bait here and there as we out a few of those into the box along with a lot of little blackfin tunas. We had a nice bull that was easily over 40 pounds eat a skirted ballyhoo behind the trolling weight, but managed to throw the hook after a couple amazing jumps. That one was a heartbreaker!

Anyway, pretty solid start to the trip with a great group of guys. Looking forward to another 2 days fishing in San Sal!


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