3/21 Back to Cat

Today we spent the morning fishing SanSal in 3-5 foot seas with winds out of the NNE at 15 knots. Yesterday’s catch was going to be tough to beat, but we gave it all we had. The morning started with a mystery bite on the left long that pulled off. Shortly after we had a wahoo sky out of the water and land on the right short rigger bait. Unfortunately the wahoo missed and got snagged in the belly, so the tax man (sharks) took their half and left us picking up the pieces.

After a little lull we pushed off the ridge and out to the hump where there were quite a few frigates working. We picked through some decent dolphin and another small weehoo on an all black Yo Zuri Bonita Plug behind the trolling lead. We had a few more weight bites here, one of which turned out to be a billfish, but otherwise the action was slow.

At 1 pm we made the run back to Cat Island and dropped in at the tip of Columbus. The water was blue and the dolphin were snapping. We picked up a few dolphin here at Columbus Point then moved inside where the water turned green, and looked lifeless. We picked it up, made our way back into Hawks Nest Marina, and settled back into home. Back at it again here in Cat Island tomorrow.

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