Sharked and Sharked 4/5

Today we headed out targeting billfish and dolphin circle hook fishing with naked ballyhoo. It felt good to have the dredges and squid chains in the water again (our teasers). We had absolutely calm seas all day, and the fishing was scattered, but we got our bites throughout the day.

We started off with a blind bite that came tight but pulled off after about a minute. The leader came back chaffed so it was a billfish – bummer. We picked at some dolphin here and there and wound up bringing 8 back to the dock. We had a nice bull get chomped by the whitetip sharks. Out around Columbus the tunas were on top, and we got hooked into plenty, but every single one was eaten. After being fed up with that we pushed on and worked our way back. Right after the high tide swing around 2 pm we had a wahoo eat the left long and streak across the surface. Unfortunately that wahoo turned into a whitetip, and that was how we concluded our day.

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  1. Bob Himmelreich

    Love the updates my boys are pumped to catch their first offshore fish… Lookin forward see ya next Saturday in Cat Island. All the best, Bob….tell hammerhead Joe we said hello !!

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