Hang’Em High

I fished the past three days on a 36′ Invincible center console called ‘High Life’. We had a great crew on the boat and we had a lot of fun everyday, even when we were getting our butts kicked by the seas, and given the poor weather, we did that a lot, haha.

Anyway, day 1 we ran up to fish the Bridge between southern Eluethera and Little SanSal. We had consistent action with 20# dolphin and our biggest of the day was just over 30. We had a screaming run in the morning and we were sure it was a bigger wahoo, but it turned out to be a 48 pound King Mackerel.

The second day we stayed on the Southern end of Cat Island. We started the day with a double header of smaller yellowfin and a few dolphin, but nothing to brag about. We made out way down the edge out towards Columbus, and with the SE at 15-20, we were getting tossed a bit. We pounded the edge hard and finally got our wahoo bite at the end of the day to get on the board with wahoo.

Day three the winds were supposed to go West which usually shuts the fishing down here in the Bahamas. We made the long run to the NE Corner and were met with rain squalls, and confused seas since the wind flipped from South to NNW blowing a solid 25 knots at the swell. We tried trolling for a bit but it was extremely choppy and we just couldn’t fish the area the way we needed on the center console. We picked up and ran all of the way back to Columbus. With about close to two hours of fishing time left, we managed to catch a 35 pound wahoo, a smaller dolphin, some small tunas, and had quite a few tunas get Sharked.

The Hang Em High Meat Tournament here in Cat Island has been a great time the past two years. Hawks Nest does a great job bringing everyone together and running a smooth and fun tournament. Thanks to Hawks Nest Marina and thanks to the crew on the High Life for having a great time fishing the past three days!>

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