4/26 quick report

Well we have been busy the past week island hopping. We spent a few nights in Nassau then picked up our next group of guys (Sid, Rob, and Mike) and headed to Highborne Cay for the night. Then we fished the bridge and picked up a few dolphin, one at 46 pounds, but overall the fishing was slowwww.

We decided to end the day early and do some diving around Little San Sal, then anchored out on the NW corner there for the night and bottoms fished. We caught a few grouper, Yellowtails and muttons so overall the fishing wasn’t bad.

Yesterday we started at the bridge early and got Sharked on every tuna we caught. We left there and ran to Alligator Point on the west side of Cat Island, but it was completely void of life. We decided to salvage the day and bottom fish for a whole and caught plenty of Rock Hinds for dinner. Amazing weather this whole trip but poor fishing.

Today we fished out of Cat Island and lost a sail and a white marlin just before we got the release – major bummer, then picked up a dolphin and a nice white marlin. After that it was dead for the entire day. Not at all what we expected but the fishing was really bad for the rest of the fleet here. Hopefully tomorrow we can get a slam with this group since it is their last day.


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