5/7 the bite is on

Given the poor fishing lately, we decided to take Kim and Jeff bottom fishing for the day. Of course, the weather didn’t cooperate and we had hard ESE wind against tide making for difficult conditions. On too of that, the marlin bite went off all morning. A friend of ours was 5/6 with a slam by 1045. With that we had enough and pulled the “hangover bait packs” out of the freezer, pulled the anchor and got on the troll.

The first hour and a half was slow but we got into a white marlin after it swiped at our left dredge then ate the flat line naked ballyhoo. Jeff got a clean release on that fish. Not too much longer after at Dolphin Head we had a small blue all over our right dredge which happened to have the dredge cam on it. After a minute of eating he dredge and teaser we finally it it to eat the big pitch bait, but after a 5 second run he pulled off. Seriously? I couldn’t believe it. The blue marlins and I haven’t been vibin the past two years… Anyway, amazing footage!

Later in the day we got a bite on the left long rigger naked ballyhoo and Kim was on for her first white marlin. After about 10 minutes she got the fish to the boat for a clean release. Finally we have some serious billfish action, hopefully with a full day tomorrow we can put up the numbers we have been waiting for.

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