Shark Tournament Day 1 (6/6)

With nothing but a light North wind, a S swell and clear skies, we made our way out for the shotgun start at 6 pm in Cape May, N for the South Jersey Shark Tournament.  It was an easy ride out on the 52′ Ocean Yacht Saltitude.  We started our day in 63.5 degree blue green water at the Harpathan Wreck.  After an hour on the drift we got into our first Mako which we released and was an estimated 110 lbs.  Shortly after we released a 100 pound Blue Shark, then had a lull which made us make a move.

Next area was the lumps in 33-35 fathoms outside of the Hot Dog, and here we got a release on another smaller Mako and also had one on and jumping, but eventually pulled the hook.  Luckily it wasn’t a big one or else we would have been pretty upset.  After a drift through there we ran further inside to the Muff Diver Wreck on the 30 fathom line, and here we had 64.5 degree green water.  We had no action here and only made a short drift before making a quick run 10 miles north to the Miss Arlene Wreck.  We didn’t have much of a drift, but managed to get a bite out of an 80-90 pound mako that pulled the hook next to the boat.  Fun day with plenty of action, but we need something bigger tomorrow for the last day of the tournament.


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