Searching for tuna (6/8)

With the unbelievably calm weather, we threw in a last minute tuna trip on the Saltitude in search of tuna.  We ran out and arrived on the east wall of the Baltimore and worked out way down to the true 100 line.  The water was 65 degrees and blue green with no life.  We worked our way up the 100 line and hit the break that went up to 68.5 degrees and blended blue water.  There was a small fleet of boats where a guy was hooked into a bigeye tuna.  I marked tuna sporadically throughout the day, and with little to no good reports anywhere else, we kept pounding this area.  There were bonita on the surface all day long, but we just couldn’t get the bites.  We did wind up getting a 35 pound yellowfin towards the end of the day on a blue/white Joe Shute lure with a ballyhoo on the shotgun, but that was all we had a shot at.  Tough day.

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