Carteret and Lindy

Well, the reports have been slow at best this week, and with the southern canyons basically tapped out, I decided to push for a run to the eddy in the northern canyons on the Fin Addict. We had a pretty decent 92 mile ride to the Carteret Canyon and had lines in at 630. We found the edge which was a 3.5 degree break with a color change. The eddy was also full of weeds which kept the crew busy all day.

Anyway, we ended up getting a few tuna bites all at once, but only one 40 pound yellowfin connected. We also picked at a few small mahi, but after pounding the area with no more bites we made our way down the 100 line to the Lindy. The grass here was even worse so we pushed inside a little where we found the temperature break right in the tip. There were a lot of birds wheelin around and it seemed right. We ended up putting 2 nice yellowfin in the boat , another dolphin, and had a white marlin show up but never take a bait.

Another day of tough fishing but we managed to scrape together a catch and a full stringer for today’s tournament.

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